My Mommy and Daddy will be adding their thoughts here.

Sept. 30, 2009 - Since we have had our 2nd child William on Sept. 25, this will be the last entry on this page. Please see for all future updates.

June 30, 2009 - Bradley is able to count somewhat, see cell phone video 6-30-09. Making good progress as he is not even 2 yet.

Dec. 16-08 - Watch Bradley climb/scale his way up into his high chair. What a little climber. He was very hungry I guess. it's going to be hard to keep him away from the Christmas tree. He wants to pull everyone off that he can get his hands on. I like to see him ride his yellow car around the house. He's a good little driver. We went on two wheels on the quad the other day, he liked it!

Sept. 23-08 - He's now running. Getting up and down on the couches and chairs. He's quite the little climber. We really gotta keep our eyes on him now. No major words yet. Da Da, Ma Ma, but no real words yet. No rush, I enjoy these times. And look forward in many great times with my son.

July 10-08 - He can walk now, it's cool to see him cruz around. He's very aware of his surroundings, and very alert. Haven't had the big bang yet. I don't think he knows what pain is yet. A few fall covers but nothing major. His 1st birthday party is this Saturday. We are planning on at least 30 family & friends. It should be a blast we have games a stuff to do. Can't wait to see him destroy his own birthday cake. I'm sure that video will be priceless. Well all video & pictures of him are priceless to me.

June 3 - 08 - Bradley has 3 teeth now and has taken about 5 steps on his own. We have been taking him to swimming lesson at the local Rec. center. Our neighbor Rob is teaching the class. It's an introduction to the water. He is kicking his legs, and really seems to LOVE it. Bradley seems to adapt well fast to any environment we take him to. Whether it's the loud MX track or a bunch of kids screaming in a pool. He is good to go.

Feb. 12- 08 - We are now back from the Funeral in Maryland to bury our Grandfather and Bradley's Great Grand Father. Bradley took his 1st plane, he was fine, no problems up or back. We feed him a bottle when taking off and landing. We also went to to see snow. We were lucky enough that is actually snowed when we were there 3 times, it was great. Having dinner at our cousins Doug's & Jen's house with the whole family was really nice. Be with all my cousins together for the 1st time in 21 years was incredible too. Brother Steven, Doug phillips, Jeff Phillips, Brain Russ, Matt Russ.

Feb. 4- 08 - Bradley Oscar Brotman, his middle name is his Great Grand Father's 1st name. Oscar Moeller, a great man died today in a nursing home in Easton, Maryland. He is survived by his wife Mary Moeller. Father of 3 beautiful girls, his legacy will live on forever with his 6 grand children and 4 great grand children. We will always remember him for being such a caring person, that would help anyone in need. We will remember him forever, for the great memories we have of him. A World War II Veteran that landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. He marched all the to Germany and was awarded several metals. A brilliant wood craftsman that created many original and reproductions that were no less then magnificent. He once created for each of his daughters Mary Brotman, Francis Phillips, and Theresa a totally unique and complete bedroom set, that still sits in my parents bedroom to this day. His photo and work were even published in Forbes magazine. He could make anything. I will remember the days out on the boat crabbing with a string & chicken necks. Pulling in enough crabs to feed everyone that came over for the huge feast they laid out. Christmas time was always a treat to take the 2 hour trip to Easton. The train set with the really cool mountain that the train went thru, and the decorated Christmas tree sitting in the center of the display in front of the window for all to see. 6 boys playing outside, climbing the 2 big trees out front. These are the times I will remember. The good times. We will remember Oscar Moeller (granddad) forever.

Jan. 22- 08 - Haven't wrote in awhile Holiday's an all. Bradley is really a happy baby. It's really easy to get him to laugh and giggle. He is now rolling over both directions. He's starting to be more mobile on the ground now. He really likes to be thrown in the air. I don't do that very often though. We are going to see his Great Grand Parents, Uncles and Aunts and his Cousin's and 2nd cousins. We are going to MD. in Feb. for at least 5 days. We hope to visit with everyone and also introduce Bradley to snow at Ski Liberty in PA. Check back here to see all those wonderful pictures and videos.

Nov. 12- 07- Today Bradley meet his cousin Alex. We ate spaghetti dinner at the Brotman's Grandparents. Uncle Steven brought Alexandra over to eat with us. I was surprised to see her. I haven't seen Alex in over 6 month's. Since she got mad at me, and I didn't even know it for months. I wish we could see her more. And spend more quality time together. She really liked meeting Bradley. I even heard her say as she was playing with him. I love you Bradley. I thought that was really sweet.

Nov. 11- 07- Bradley went on his 1st boat ride at 4 months old. We went to the property on the Suwannee River. The water was like glass. So it wasn't rough on him at all. We went up the Santa Fe River as far as we could. It got to shallow a few miles passed the Bridge where everyone was fishing. There was a big concrete launch ramp. A bend to the right and BAM, we hit hard bottom. A fisherman said it was like that from then on (turn around).The next day we went south down the Suwannee towards the Gulf. Just before the 1st bridge, there is a cut that's takes you back to an Awesome natural spring. We meet a retired Sheriff from Dade City that took us over it in his flats boat. My boat wouldn't had made it. See the pictures in 1-11-07 set.

Nov. 1- 07- Bradley went to his 1st Halloween Party at the MacDonald's in Clearwater. He was dressed as a vampire. He wore the outfit the Diperna's gave us. He went around with all those girls you can see in the pictures from halloween. What a pimp!

Oct. 21- 07- Bradley is getting his bath around 8:30 it seems to sooth him, to get him ready for bed around 9:30. We don't hear him on the the baby monitor till around 5 6 o'clock. He sleeps thru the night very well. Sometimes mom will bring him in with us in our bed in the morning till I wake up.

We had our 1st baby Monday 7-16-07 at 7:25 pm. He is 7.7 lbs, and is 21.5 inches. We were also in Witt 7 on the 7th floor in room 735 (a lot of 7's). She was in natural labor from 6:30 till 12:30 and took an epidural because she was only 3 cm and still had 7 to go. She was able to rest then. My parents and her sister arrived right before the fun began. Her mom and dad were there all day, they both work at the hospital we delivered in Morton Plant in Clearwater. Fl. Our Doctor was not on call, but she came in special for us. It was absolutely amazing. He came out biting the Doctors finger, and was placed on Elizabeth's chest and I got to cut the cord. That was cool!